2017 Contest Winners!! 2017-07-21T13:29:52+00:00

Congratulations to our 2017 Dirty Glove Club Garden Contest Winners!

First Place Winner

“The Chuckle Patch”

Name: Marietta Tacopina

About This Gardener: I love my garden because all the wild flowers lure the most beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds!!! I feel like I’m in paradise when I sit and relax in my garden. You should vote for me because my flowers are smiles from God!!!

Second Place Winner

“The Prayer Garden”

Name: Ray Gabler

About This Gardener: Whether I’m working in my garden or walking in it, the garden gives me a sense of peace, tranquility, and joy. It’s also an opportunity to gain insight and to learn some things about life. Just as you look at a piece of art you can learn something about the artist; so too, as we look at our Gardens we learn about the beauty, the complexity, and the wonder of our Creator. As gardeners we all spend a great deal of time on our knees whether planting, weeding, mulching, or fertilizing. On our knees, in gratitude, is a great way to begin the day. We learn sometimes to be patient;, sometimes our plants need pruning; sometimes we need to plan better; sometimes our plants need more water, fertilizer, & attention; and we always need to be thankful for this wonderful gift. This Garden has been a 20-year journey of some pain, much pleasure, and perennial Joy.

Third Place Winner

“Oehme’s Garden of Weeden”

Name: Joe & Katie Oehme

About This Gardener: Barlow’s is a family centered garden store and we enjoy the many benefits of playing in the garden with our family. Our kids love to visit the store and choose flowers with the help of the friendly staff. We share the joy with the Barlow family of passing down our love of nature and beautifying our home to the next generation of Dirty Glovers.

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