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2018 Garden Contest Entries

Check out all the beautiful gardens our 2018 Dirty Glove Club members have been working so hard on!

Thanks for voting!! Winners will be announced Friday, July 20th!

#1: “Poolside Paradise”

Name: Lucille Soper

About This Gardener: After the snowy, nor’easter filled winter, we couldn’t wait to start working in our garden! Our garden is filled with many perennials, which we supplement with our favorite annuals, such as Gerber Daisies, Hibiscus, Canna Lillies, Vinca and Dipladenia. We spend most of our summer days enjoying our pool and flower-filled backyard. The flowers we buy from Barlow’s provide us with great pleasure and we hope everyone who sees our picture will enjoy it!

#2: “Miller’s Truck Farm”

Name: Eileen Miller

About This Gardener: I have been gardening over 40 years both flowers and vegetables. There is nothing like going out to your garden and picking fresh beans or cucumbers for dinner. And, to always have beautiful flowers on hand for arrangements in my home-the beauty and satisfaction can’t be beat!
I would like to win the Barlow’s garden contest to show how well all of the veggie, herb, and flower plants are doing that I purchase from Barlow’s. The quality is incomparable.

#3: “Papa’s Garden”

Name: Michael Giordan

About This Gardener: I love growing roses. My wife and I had a very large garden when we had a very large house, but after retiring, we sold the house and moved into a much smaller home. I missed not being able to cut a rose every morning to give to my wife, so I built a smaller garden in the limited space we now have. Last year I had 6 rose bushes. This year I was able to increase the size of the garden to include 12 rose bushes, so now I am able to offer my wife a rose each day once again. As much as roses can be a ‘pain’ to grow, they are still our favorites.

#4: “Welcome Butterflies & Bees”

Name: Donna Whille

About This Gardener: Planting flowers makes me happy. My Grandmother was a huge gardener! I learned a lot about flowers from her, she was in her garden from early morning until late afternoon. I’m at Barlows at least once or twice a week in the spring and summer and fall!!! I enjoy the greenhouses all winter long too!!!

#5: “Urban Eden”

Name: Michael Cornnell

About This Gardener: I became a gardener to bring the beauty of nature to the urban environment of a rooftop terrace. I suffer from MG and gardening keeps me active and moving which often can be a challenge.

#6: “Muly’s Vacation”

Name: Chris Muly

About This Gardener: My garden has been considered my little corner of the world. Peace is found there. I have brought it back after Sandy damage. My husband’s fish pond is always relaxing. I would like to win your Garden contest to continue maintaining it!

#7: “Gardening is Wonderful”

Name: Denise Cahill

About This Gardener: I love the colors and textures. God has made such beauty in gardens!!!

#8: “Rock Table Garden”

Name: Paige Towey

About This Gardener: I love to garden because it is peaceful, I can do it with my children, and it makes the world a more beautiful place!

#9: “Plant Party”

Name: Michael Canessa

About This Gardener: Containers gardens are my favorite!

#10: “Flowers on the Riviera”

Name: Denise Cleary

About This Gardener: I love the colors of the garden and the peace and tranquility it creates. I became a gardener after retirement when I found I had more time to pay attention to the garden and was able to feed, prune and care for the plants on their time line. I find myself walking around your garden center when I needed a little moral boost. Seeing all the beautiful plants and flowers makes me smile :)!

#11: “Enchanted Mermaid Garden”

Name: Anne Semanik

About This Gardener: Our siren of the sea came on shore during a mysterious high tide to adorn our home. She (like me) also loves the spectrum of color that only Barlow’s can bring. Our beautiful garden in in full bloom with a gorgeous variety of annuals and perennials. In this photo is our siren, my husband Raymond with our beloved Lagotto named Lucca Francesca.

#12: “Ocean Waves”

Name: Lynn Sharp

About This Gardener: I love our garden because it’s bright and welcoming, reminding us of the beach! When we moved here five years ago, I inherited most of the garden. While I’m still learning to be a gardener, I enjoy planting and tending to our flowers, especially the hydrangeas. I take pride in their colorful blooms and rely on Barlow’s to answer my gardening questions!

#13: “Joni Bonner”

Name: Joni Bonner

About This Gardener: I feel completely at peace in the garden. Watching my plants bloom and how the garden changes from spring through summer and into the fall is a truly amazing sight. I’m filled with a tremendous sense of pride when I look around my yard. I first became interested in gardening by helping my grandmother, Sophie. She was an avid gardener growing both flowers and vegetables. She instilled in me the idea that the garden was the perfect place, no matter what you grew. It sounds corny but when I’m in the garden weeding or pruning, the smell of the soil takes me back and I am once again eight years old and Nanny “Soph” is right there with me.

#14: “Poppy’s Garden”

Name: Dan Galvan

About This Gardener: This space was our grandfather’s garden (Poppy).He would grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, corn and other vegetables in this area. When he passed on, we Knew that we would not be able to garden the way he did but we also knew that we needed to make this space special. It was such a big part of his and my wife, Kelle’s, life for so long. My friend Jeff did the pavers, my friend Vinny and I did the pergolas and Kelle and I did the stone work and gardening. We call it Poppy’s garden and we couldn’t be happier with how it came out. *Every flower/plant you see is from Barlow’s*

#15: “Bountiful Blooms”

Name: Eileen Banasiak

About This Gardener:  I love my garden, because I enjoy planting flowers and seeing the final outcome. I have always wanted to have a beautiful lawn and garden. It is so nice and therapeutic, but most of all it’s so rewarding to see such bountiful blooms – bursting with colors. People are always complimenting me on how nice my flowers are and how great my house looks. It’s a lot of work that I love doing and most of all how gorgeous my landscaping looks!

#16: “Fairy Garden”

Name: Bernadette Kirk

About This Gardener: I have been gardening for many years and I enjoy it very much. It is very relaxing and I love creating using flowers. I definitely had a great time adding a fairy garden this year.

#17: “Summer at the Beach”

Name: Diana Forrkiewicz

About This Gardener:  I love to garden because it is relaxing and reduces stress!

#18: “Sea Lillie’s of Sea Girt Beach”

Name: Mindy Pitonyak

About This Gardener: I love buying perennials and having a cut garden from spring through fall. Always something blooming and surprises each year. We have great soil and full sun that allows for constant bursts of color.

#19: “Paradise at Manasquan Beach”

Name: Maryann McKean

About This Gardener:

Ah, the heavenly bliss of a garden. My little place to run away from the everyday grind. Like my grandmother, I can work in my garden for hours. It isn’t large but it makes a BIG statement. It draws you in. It opens the door to conversation. Often people stop to admire the bold colors and design of my garden, we chat about its beauty and the happiness it brings to our lives. Then, as they leave, no longer strangers, I smile to myself and relish in the moment realizing my garden has magical powers. It brings people together and lifts their spirit… a wonderful, genuine, natural high.

I always loved gardening. I remember my mother and grandmother planting seasonal flowers throughout my childhood. They both had a wonderful “green” thumb. Everything was so happy and beautiful. It was only natural that I too love gardening. Now being a gardener isn’t as easy as one may think. It took a long time to learn how to choose the right plants, fertilizer and watering schedule. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The largest was using the wrong source. Home Depot and WalMart wasn’t a good choice. They are fine for DIY projects but as a garden center, the quality just isn’t there. It wasn’t until I found Barlow’s that my garden really started to thrive. My plants are so healthy & strong. It’s almost hard to take credit for my garden entirely. This year was my first year becoming a Dirty Glove Member. It’s been a fantastic decision. I love the videos. They are so helpful. Early spring I was working in my garden trimming my Crape Myrtle tree. A neighbor stopped and commented how my technique looked just like the Barlow’s video and was glad to meet a fellow member. I couldn’t believe it! I’m proof those videos do work!

Anyway, winning this contest would be the height of my gardening “career”. I want to thank Barlow’s and all their wonderful employees for their excellent work, amazing product and expert advice. I look forward to continuing my Dirty Glove membership and hope to see you at my little piece of “Paradise at Manasquan Beach”.

#20: “Shore to Please Garden”

Name: Michelle Fishman

About This Gardener: My wife and I started gardening only 6 years ago and Stephen and the entire team at Barlow’s helped us cultivate our garden. Our neighborhood and people passing by going to the beach are overjoyed every year. It’s wonderful!