Be A Gardener.

Be A Gardener.

This year, it’s our mission here at Barlow’s to help you be the best gardener you can be! Whether it’s by planting our flowers, talking with our knowledgeable staff, or attending one of our classes & workshops, we are here to help you make your garden a success! 

The benefits of being a Gardener are endless…

  • Improves physical health

Gardening is exercise! From tilling the soil to planting a flower, gardening gets your whole body moving. According to the CDC, actively engaging in moderate physical activity for around 2.5 hours a week can help reduce the risk for strokes, heart disease, obesity and more. Plus, you’ll be getting a good dose of Vitamin D while you are at it!

  • Improves mental health, too!

Gardening has been found to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even help with depression. A study done by Bakker Spalding, a garden company in the UK, has found that 88% of people believe positive mental health is a top benefit for spending time in the garden. The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published a study about how gardening, among other outdoor activities, can actually decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%. It has also been found, through research, that spending time in the garden surrounded by plants has a strong positive impact on dementia patients.

  • Make new friendships along the way

Some enjoy gardening for the peace and quiet it brings, while others enjoy meeting other people who share the same hobby! Community gardens, garden centers, or farmers markets are a great place to make new friends all while engaging in something you love. Here at Barlow’s we offer classes and workshops where many of our customers have created friendships just by attending!

  • Feel in-control, it’s your garden–the possibilities are endless!

The best part about gardening is that it is all yours. Anything is possible when you are in control. From the plants you pick, to the colors and textures, everything is totally up to your creativity…and if you don’t like it, you can always change it up! No one is stopping you from creating your own masterpiece.

Do your mental health a world of good and get your hands in the dirt this year. Join us in helping and inspiring other gardeners to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle!

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