Workshop Recap: Late Summer Container Garden

Although it’s only August, we are getting ready for Fall here at the garden center! Can you believe it?

Before you know it, this place will be filled with pumpkins, gourds, and of course, mums! Mums are a staple for container gardens, but we often tend to overlook all the other pretty summer and fall annuals that will last right up until the first frost. That’s why we wanted to put this workshop together!

Stay tuned! We will be announcing our fall line-up of classes and workshops by the end of August! If you’d like more information regarding hosting a private workshop or party at Barlow’s, email!

Late Summer Container Garden Recipe



Gazanias, otherwise known as African Daisies, are a late summer annual that close up at night!

They are pretty low-maintenance, despite the deadheading (which should really be called dead-stemming since you want to remove the entire thing as opposed to just the “head” with these guys!). Their brilliant yellow flowers are a great way to transition from summer to fall!

Vinca Dark Red


It’s funny because people are always asking for Vinca as soon as May hits, but vinca really starts to shine come late summer as it thrives in the dry, summer conditions!

It’s deer resistant (yay!) and will keep flowering right up until the first frost (with proper care).


Mezoo has gained popularity quickly here at Barlow’s just over the past year or two! Probably because of the delicate bright red flowers it produces along it’s succulent-like foliage.

It’s a great alternative to creeping jenny and trailing vinca and really complements any plant!


Lantana is one of our favorites, but needs a little more love and care than the other 4!

Deadheading is a must with this plant as well as watering during the heat of the summer. The flowers smell amazing and butterflies love them!

Pennisetum “Little Bunny”

Pennisetum “Little Bunny” is a perennial grass with beautiful, fluffy blooms that adds wonderful interest to this container garden!

Since it is a perennial, you can take it out of the container come late-October and plant it in the ground so that it can establish a good root system before the cold sets in. Some gardeners though have had good luck with the grass coming back in the container!

The Final Product

And voilà!

These gardeners created the most beautiful late summer container that will flower right through the Fall!  The colors complement each other so nicely, and really bring together the colors of summer and fall nicely.