Workshop Recap: Succulent Mug Workshop

This succulent mug workshop definitely didn’t succ.

Grace, our houseplant specialist, had the pleasure of teaching these ladies everything they’ll need to know about succulents, including how easy they are to care for, how to know when they need to be repotted, and even how to propagate them!!

While they were learning about succulents, they got to put together their own mug filled with them to enjoy! Check out the photos below.

For more information about these fun little guys, click here!

DIY Succulent Mug Planter

Here’s how to create your own mini succulent garden:

  1. Choose your mug– can be one from our shop or one from your kitchen cabinet (we know you probably have a gazillion)!
  2. Choose 3 Barlow grown succulents– this will be the hardest part because they are all so cute!!!
  3. If the mug doesn’t have a drainage hole on the bottom, we recommend adding 1″ of rocks on the bottom. This will help prevent the succulents from sitting in water and getting root rot.
  4. Add Cactus Potting Soil until you reach 2″ from the top of the mug. This soil is specifically formulated for succulents and cacti and helps with the drainage!
  5. Add your succulents. From a designers standpoint, you generally want to put the tallest succulent in the back followed by 2 smaller succulents in the front. But this is your design! Do whatever makes you happy!
  6. Add more soil to the top of the mug and then top it off with rocks! You can even use colored rocks for a fun design element.

Now enjoy your beautiful creation!