Fall Flowers

Mums the word when Fall rolls around, but there are many other beautiful fall flowers to choose from that fly under the radar!

Here’s our list of top Fall flowers & plants for your gardens & containers:


Celosia is a great fall flower for your containers & gardens! Some varieties have brain-like flowers, which we think is pretty cool!

It’s height and texture add a fun, unique look that is super easy to grow. Plus, the butterflies LOVE it!

Annual Rudbeckia

These flowers are a statement piece in the garden! Whether you use them as a backdrop in a bed, or for some height and color in your containers, you cannot go wrong.

Ornamental Peppers

Add pops of color to your containers with ornamental peppers!

Not only do they come in the classic Fall colors of orange, yellow and red, but also in shades of purple too! A great way to change things up and add a unique look to your Fall planters.

Kale and Cabbage add lots of textures that will last through the winter.

When the temperatures drop, they’ll start to change color. Ornamental kale generally has the ruffled leaves while ornamental cabbage has smooth leaves and may form a head.

Mezoo Trailing Red was one of our top-sellers in 2017! It’s a low maintenance plant that is heat tolerant and looks like a succulent with dime-sized, rose-red little flowers.

It’s a vigorously trailing, succulent plant that is a great alternative to trailing vinca. Definitely a must-have in your container gardens!

Our Barlow grown pansies are grown right here on our farm and make great additions to container gardens or as mass plantings in your garden.

Plus, they are super hardy too. Pansies can take it down to 25 degrees. If you plant pansies in the Fall, they can last up to eight months, from September to April. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

creeping jenny

Creeping Jenny, also known as Lysimachia, is a great annual ground cover! It’s lime green foliage helps fill up any empty spots in your container gardens or landscapes. A beautiful trailing plant. A must-have for your planters!


We are BIG fans of annual & perennial grasses because right now is their time to shine! They add height and texture to the garden, and complement other fall annuals nicely in containers.

Perennial Coneflower

Echinacea (or coneflowers) are beautiful perennials that bloom in late summer/fall. You can use these in your container gardens, too! Just be sure to take them out of the container and plant them in the ground come mid to late October so that they have time to establish roots in the ground before frost comes.


Asters are the perfect autumn flower! Their delicate little blooms make for the perfect filler in any container garden or in your garden beds!

For your convenience, order your fall plants & decor online from the comfort of your home!

From pansies to porch kits, we have you covered with everything you’ll need for the Fall season.

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