Workshop Recap: Succulent Pumpkin

What a sucCUTElent workshop we had planned for our gardeners this past weekend.

Our talented designer, Melissa had the pleasure of teaching our gardeners how to create their own succulent centerpiece using moss, succulents and hens & chicks with an added Fall twist–a pumpkin! This fun and easy craft is a great home decor item that is truly unlike any others.

Keep on scrolling to see photos from the workshop!

DIY Succulent Pumpkin

Here’s how to create your own succulent pumpkin:

  1. Choose your pumpkin–depending on how many succulents you want will determine the size needed. We used pumpkins that are considered to be on the smaller side! You can even use gourds!
  2. Choose your succulents–we used (6) 2.5″ succulents as well as some hens & chicks (they’re all so cute, it’ll be hard to choose!!).
  3. You’ll need to remove all the dirt and roots off the succulents so that they’ll adhere to the pumpkin. Use scissors and remove any leafs that are in the way.
  4. Cut the stem off the pumpkin and glue (E6000 or Tacky Glue) moss to the top. Heads up–the glue smells but it works like a charm!
  5. Slowly start gluing your succulents on top of the moss starting from the center of the pumpkin and move outwards.
  6. Add your final touches, then your succulent pumpkin will be finished!

This project is fun, affordable, and easy for all ages. Perfect for a birthday party, girls night in or Friday night craft with the kids!

Succulent Fun Facts:

  • Succulents don’t require much, but they do love the sun and just a little bit of water. That really doesn’t succ!
  • Nothing goes to waste! When a leaf falls off, don’t throw it away, you can grow a whole new plant by propagating it.
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