Workshop Recap: Pressing Petals

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light” -Theodore Roethke

Now is the perfect time to go out into your garden and pick a few flowers or petals from some of your Summer favorites to press and preserve for sweet reminders the whole year through.

Materials Needed:

• Flowers, Petals, Foliage
• Picture frame or Shadow box
• Absorbent paper (parchment paper, cardboard, tissue paper) Do not use paper towels as they can stick to the dried flowers and leave impressions.
• Heavy Book, wood slats or flower press.
• Scissors
• Glue (Modge Podge)

How to Press Flowers:

  1. Once the flowers are picked your best option is to press right away before they wilt or curl.
  2. Cut two sheets of parchment the size of your surface.
  3. Place the flowers and leaves face down and as smooth as possible. Give a little press with your finger in the center. Spread the flowers out so that none are touching each other.
  4. Cover the flowers with the second sheet of paper and carefully fold book to close, or if using cardboard, top with last piece.
  5. Add weight to either the top of your book or cardboard stack using other books, bricks or whatever else you have on hand to add weight. The heavier the press the flatter the flowers.
  6. For thicker flowers refresh and change out the blotting paper after one week.
  7. Store in a dry cool space for 1-2 weeks.

Tips When Creating Your Forever Garden:

-The best flowers to press are the ones that have naturally flat flowers or petals. Some of our favorites that are quite commonly used and planted in our area are:

Hydrangeas, Vinca, New Guinea Impatiens & Pansies!

-Foliage of any kind including houseplants like ferns & ivy!

-Think Fall! Bright colored leaves even brown around the edges create a more antiqued look.

-If pressing Roses, Daisies, Zinnias or anything with a raised center make sure to add more weight to flatten them or your frame may not close.

-Once your project is complete it is best not to hang it in direct sunlight as the flowers fade more.

-Make sure your flowers stay dry, otherwise they will mold.

Other pressed flower ideas…

-What is great about these frames is that they can be re-designed at any time. The Modge Podge can be cleaned using Windex or nail polish remover to start over with a clean slate.

-Use the same Modge Podge (found at any craft store) to adhere flowers to glass jars or bottles, wood signs, notecards. Even pumpkins!

-Create a collage of flowers and place a favorite quote in the middle for an inspirational piece.