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Guide to Houseplants: The Lighting Edition

Guide to Houseplants: The Lighting Edition When selecting a plant for the home or office, most people base their decision on the shape, appearance and price of the plant. Determining the amount of light where you intend to place your new plant is by far the most important factor. Think of it this way: the [...]

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Benefits of Houseplants!

Benefits of Houseplants! Houseplants don't just look pretty, they are hard at work 24/7! Here are the top benefits of houseplants: Better Sleep Houseplants help remove background noise. It's been found that plants can actually reduce ambient noise by as much as five decibels, allowing you to drift off easily! Reduces Toxins Houseplants not only [...]

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Basic Houseplant Care 101

Basic Houseplant Care 101 The houseplant cemetery. We've all been there. Let us help you avoid it!  Here are 5 things all houseplants need to stay thriving (and out of the cemetery): 1. WATER  Most plants can survive being watered once a week--how great is that! Just pick one day of the week (maybe Tuesday) [...]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Houseplant Alive

7 Ways to Keep Your Houseplant Alive Although some find it next to impossible to keep their indoor plants alive and healthy, these 7 tips will help keep your houseplant alive and successful throughout the winter months! 1. The amount of light a plant receives inside a home is almost always the single greatest reason [...]

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