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Air-Filtering Houseplants

Air-Filtering Houseplants (as told by NASA) Back in 1989, NASA performed a research study on the best houseplants to rid our air of harmful toxins! While these houseplants are pretty to look at, they are also hard at work everyday detoxifying the air you breath. Not only does this help clean the air you [...]

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Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors

Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors It's that time of the year...your houseplants need to come back inside! With the forecast calling for temperatures in the low 50's at night, it's time to bring your plants in. Follow these quick and easy steps to help keep your plants happy and healthy as you move them back [...]

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Workshop Recap: Succulent Pumpkin

Workshop Recap: Succulent Pumpkin What a sucCUTElent workshop we had planned for our gardeners this past weekend. Our talented designer, Melissa had the pleasure of teaching our gardeners how to create their own succulent centerpiece using moss, succulents and hens & chicks with an added Fall twist--a pumpkin! This fun and easy craft is [...]

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All About Bulbs

Bring Holland to Your Backyard: Spring Bulbs Now is the time to get bulbs in the ground for beautiful big blooms in the Spring! A bulb is next year's plant neatly packaged and surrounded by scale leaves, immature leaves, flower stems, and sometimes even flower buds. The whole [...]

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Beyond Mums: Top Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers Mums the word when Fall rolls around, but there are many other beautiful fall flowers to choose from that fly under the radar! Here's our list of top Fall flowers & plants for your gardens & containers: Celosia Celosia is a great [...]

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Sneak Peek at Fall Decor 2018

Sneak Peek at Fall Decor 2018 Here's a sneak peek at the new fall decor filling up our shop this season (and we are OBSESSED!) From farmhouse style pumpkins to ghostly gourds, we have everything you'll need to get in the Fall spirit. Meadowbrook [...]

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Workshop Recap: Succulent Mug Planter

Workshop Recap: Succulent Mug Workshop This succulent mug workshop definitely didn't succ. Grace, our houseplant specialist, had the pleasure of teaching these ladies everything they'll need to know about succulents, including how easy they are to care for, how to know when they need to be repotted, and even how to propagate them!! While [...]

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Workshop Recap: Late Summer Container Garden

Workshop Recap: Late Summer Container Garden Although it's only August, we are getting ready for Fall here at the garden center! Can you believe it? Before you know it, this place will be filled with pumpkins, gourds, and of course, mums! Mums are a staple for container gardens, but we often tend to overlook [...]

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Succa For Succulents

Succa For Succulents Succulent: suc·cu·lent  Full of juice or sap; juicy. Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems, a succulent plant such as a cactus or sedum (Botany) These little guys are the well-known celebrities of houseplants! They are super low maintenance, come in unique colors & shapes and are pretty much indestructible (no green [...]

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Workshop Recap: Paint, Plant & Sip

Sunflower Workshop Recap Who doesn't love to paint, plant and sip?! This workshop was one for the books! And a popular one at that. The long waiting list proved how much gardeners love sunflowers, painting and planting!! Local NJ artist, Debra Stasiak, spent Thursday night under our glass greenhouse teaching our lucky gardeners [...]

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