Propa-WHAT? The basics of Propagating

Propa-WHAT? The basics of Propagating propagate /ˈpräpəˌɡāt/ verb gerund or present participle: propagating breed specimens of (a plant or animal) by natural processes from the parent stock. "try propagating your own houseplants from cuttings" synonyms: breed, grow, cultivate, generate (Thanks Google) In other words, taking 1 plant, and making it multiple plants. Like magic -but with science-! When [...]

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What’s Wrong with My Succulent?!

What’s Wrong with My Succulent?! Succulents: While interesting and trendy, these plants can be quite the little trouble makers. People love to say how easy succulents are, but we know they can be a bit tricky. We’ve collected the most common succulent symptoms to help you figure out what is wrong with your succulent [...]

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New Year, New Leaf!

New Year, New Leaf! Start the New Year Off Right! What are your New Year’s Resolutions? How about switching it up this year and trying something new! We recommend focusing on living with cleaner, healthier air in your home, and reaping the benefits of houseplants! You may be thinking “What? Houseplants are more than [...]

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Air-Filtering Houseplants

Air-Filtering Houseplants (as told by NASA) Back in 1989, NASA performed a research study on the best houseplants to rid our air of harmful toxins! While these houseplants are pretty to look at, they are also hard at work everyday detoxifying the air you breath. Not only does this help clean the air you [...]

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Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors

Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors It's that time of the year...your houseplants need to come back inside! With the forecast calling for temperatures in the low 50's at night, it's time to bring your plants in. Follow these quick and easy steps to help keep your plants happy and healthy as you move them back [...]

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Succa For Succulents

Succa For Succulents Succulent: suc·cu·lent  Full of juice or sap; juicy. Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems, a succulent plant such as a cactus or sedum (Botany) These little guys are the well-known celebrities of houseplants! They are super low maintenance, come in unique colors & shapes and are pretty much indestructible (no green [...]

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Guide to Houseplants: The Lighting Edition

Guide to Houseplant Lighting When selecting a plant for the home or office, most people base their decision on the shape, appearance and price of the plant. However houseplant lighting is more important than you think! Determining the amount of light where you intend to place your new plant is by far the most important [...]

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Benefits of Houseplants!

Benefits of Houseplants! Houseplants don't just look pretty, they are hard at work 24/7! Here are the top benefits of houseplants: Better Sleep Houseplants help remove background noise. It's been found that plants can actually reduce ambient noise by as much as five decibels, allowing you to drift off easily! Reduces Toxins Houseplants not only [...]

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Basic Houseplant Care 101

Basic Houseplant Care 101 The houseplant cemetery. We've all been there. Let us help you avoid it!  Here are 5 things all houseplants need to stay thriving (and out of the cemetery): 1. WATER  Most plants can survive being watered once a week--how great is [...]

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