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Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen are the flowering, cold-hardy plant you have been searching for! While not hardy in our area (they are native to the Mediterranean and cannot survive our winters), they can thrive in temps as low as 41 degrees F. You can put your Cyclamen out during the day, but be sure to bring it in at night when temperatures are below 40 so it doesn't get frost damage. These plants go through a period of dormancy after blooming where all of their leaves turn yellow and fall off. But fear not! With proper care, your Cyclamen will bloom again and again!


  • Light Needs: Outdoor- partial shade, Indoor- bright, indirect light
  • Water Needs: Be wary of both under and over-watering. Water only when soil is dry to the touch.
  • Bloom Season: Fall to Spring
  • Height: 6-9"
  • Growth Habit: Upright, Spreading