Barlow's Best Squash

Delicious in a multitude of ways either roasted, grilled, or fried, Squash is as fun to grow as it is to eat. Plant in a full sun location and keep well watered. Feed every week with an all natural fertilizer, such as Espoma Garden-tone® for best results!

Available Varieties:

  • Ball Zucchini: Buttery and nutty, the flavor of this variety makes it a great choice for cooking, grilling, or frying. Ball Zucchini features a glossy dark green skin and a large yielding vine.
  • Honey Bear: A small acorn squash with an excellent taste. This variety produces a high yield of disease resistant squash weighing up to a pound. The perfect size and sweetness for roasting. 
  • Autumn Acorn Blend: A combination of 4 different varieties of acorn squash, making them both an attractive and delicious squash to grow. 
  • Golden Zebra: Zucchini variety with deep yellow skin and crisp tasty flesh. Long slender fruit perfect for slicing. 
  • Primavera: A spaghetti squash hybrid that features a restrictive vining/ semi bush-like habit. Yield is uniform in size and shape while not compromising excellent flavor.