Barlow's Best Tomatoes

A New Jersey delicacy, tomatoes are both fun to grow and to eat! Plant in a full sun location and keep well watered. Feed every week with an all-natural fertilizer, such as Espoma Tomato-tone® for best results!

Available Varieties:

  • Beefsteak: Massive, vibrant fruit with great sweet flavor.
  • Better Boy: Smaller than the Beefsteak tomato but still large in size, this variety produces a high yield of great tasting fruit.
  • Black Krim: Heirloom Beefsteak with dark maroon skin has a juicy rich flavor.
  • Brandywine: Heirloom large tomato with a deep pink red color and fine sweet flavor.
  • Celebrity: Large yield tomato that grows medium to large sized fruit with a good taste perfect for slicing. 
  • Early Girl: Medium sized tomatoes that bear fruit early in the season and continue to produce all through the summer. Very large yield of delicious tomatoes.
  • Indigo Rose: Gorgeous purple tomatoes offer increased antioxidants.
  • Lemon Boy: Bold yellow color medium sized tomatoes with a sweet tangy flavor.
  • Mortgage Lifter: Huge heirloom Beefsteak tomato with fruit that grows up to 4 lbs. Deep red skin with a juicy delicious taste. 
  • Patio: A great choice for containers, this variety produces large clusters of delicious 4 oz fruit. 
  • Roma Plum: Also known as paste tomatoes, with their few seeds and meaty textures Roma Plums are ideal for pastes and sauces. Compact plant with pear-shaped fruit perfect for containers. 
  • Rutgers: A favorite, this variety has great tasting fruit and thick juicy flesh. An abundant grower, fruit grows up to 7 oz. 
  • San Marzano: Larger than a roma plum, Heirloom variety with almost no seeds. Meaty fruit with excellent rich flavor makes it ideal for pastes and sauces. 
  • Sweet 100: Deliciously sweet small tomatoes that is popular for its great taste and high yield.
  • Yellow Pear: Heirloom variety that produces a large yield of attractive small yellow tangy fruit that is delicious for snacking or salads.