Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal

Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal

Espoma Organic Cottonseed Meal

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Espoma Cottonseed Meal is a by-product from food-grade cottonseed oil production. It is an all-natural organic plant food generally used for feeding shrubs. Use in the spring & fall.

All-Natural Fertilizer
  • Unique processing makes it very easy to use.
  • An excellent, 100% organic plant food for use on trees and shrubs

How to Use

Shrubs and Trees: Sprinkle on the ground under and slightly beyond the drip line, and at the following rates. Water thoroughly.

  • Small shrubs and trees: ½ cup
  • Medium shrubs and trees: 1 cup
  • Large shrubs and trees: 1 ½ cups
  • Plant Beds: apply 2 ½ lbs. per 50 square feet and incorporate into soil water thoroughly after applying

How to Apply

  • New Planting Beds – Incorporate into the soil to a depth of 4″
  • Established Plants – Sprinkle onto the soil around the drip line.  Water after the application.