Barlow's Best Squash

Delicious in a multitude of ways either roasted, grilled, or fried, Squash is as fun to grow as it is to eat. Plant in a full sun location and keep well watered. Feed every week with an all natural fertilizer, such as Espoma Garden-tone® for best results!

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of the varieties below are available now.  All of the varieties will be available by April 22nd. We recommend that you DO NOT plant any variety outside until after May 6th.   You can purchase now and leave them in a sunny window in your home. 

Available Varieties:

  • Ball Zucchini: Buttery and nutty, the flavor of this variety makes it a great choice for cooking, grilling, or frying. Ball Zucchini features a glossy dark green skin and a large yielding vine.
  • Honey Bear: A small acorn squash with an excellent taste. This variety produces a high yield of disease resistant squash weighing up to a pound. The perfect size and sweetness for roasting. 
  • Autumn Acorn Blend: A combination of 4 different varieties of acorn squash, making them both an attractive and delicious squash to grow. 
  • Golden Zebra: Zucchini variety with deep yellow skin and crisp tasty flesh. Long slender fruit perfect for slicing.