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Christmas Insert Greens $64.98
Mixed Greens Hanging Basket $49.98
Mixed Greens Window Box $49.98
Mixed Greens Arrangement $24.98
Mixed Greens Arrangement with Bow $29.98
Barlow's Decorated Balsam Wreaths $129.98
Woodland Fantasy Swag $39.98
Grande Poinsettia Gift Basket $49.98
Deluxe Poinsettia Gift Basket $69.98
Cyclamen Gift Basket $12.98
Supreme Grave Blankets from $69.98
Grande Grave Blankets from $39.98
Deluxe Grave Blankets from $49.98
Choice Grave Blankets from $34.98
Fresh White Pine Bunches from $8.98
2021 Dirty Glove Club Membership $50.00
Daddyburger Swag $14.98
Mixed Evergreen Swag $14.98
Fresh Undecorated Mixed Wreaths from $19.98
Fresh Undecorated Noble Fir Wreaths from $19.98
Fresh Douglas Fir Bunches from $8.98
Fresh Noble Fir Bunches from $10.98
Fresh Port Orford Cedar Bunches from $8.98
Fresh Silver Fir Bunches from $10.98
Paperwhite Bulb $1.75
Fresh Blue Atlas Cedar Bunches $15.98
Christmas Cactus from $7.98
Fresh Berried Juniper Bunches from $8.98
Fresh Yellow Cedar Bunches from $15.98
Fresh Western Cedar Bunches from $8.98
Fresh Incense Cedar Bunches from $8.98
Fresh Deluxe Mixed Roping $170.00
Fresh Cedar & Douglas Roping from $69.98
Fresh Mixed Roping from $80.00
Fresh Cedar Roping from $69.98
Fresh Boxwood Roping from $54.98
Fresh White Pine Roping from $22.98
Fresh Magnolia Tips & Branches from $19.98
Mexican Lime Bush $29.98
Dewit Disc Weeder $28.99
Dewit Weedpopper $27.99
Dewit Patio Knife $28.99
Dewit Right Hand Cape Cod $39.99
Dewit Dandelion Weeder $27.99
Dewit 5-Tine Cultivator $31.98
Dewit Well Done Hand Fork $38.98
Dewit Rock-N-Root Trowel $27.99
Dewit Well Done Planting Trowel $38.99
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