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Shop online from the comfort of your own home! Take a look at our online shop which features a LIVE inventory of what's in stock here at Barlow's. We are currently offering both no-contact curbside pickup and local delivery.

IMPORTANT PICKUP INFORMATION: We will notify you via email when your plants are ready for pickup. In this notification, you will receive a spot number. When you come to pick up your plants, simply pull into the parking space marked with your spot number. Your plants will be there waiting for you!
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For local delivery, please leave a note during checkout specifying where you'd like your items left (driveway, porch, etc.). If you have any questions, please send an email to info@barlowflowerfarm.com!
Calathea $25.00
Kid's Gardening Gloves $4.98
Bamboo Gardener Gloves $8.98
Pansy Hanging Basket $15.98
Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) $5.98
Nemesia $5.98
Veggie Kits $10.00
Natural Cedar Mulch $7.98
Blue Star Juniper $44.98
Sea of Gold® Juniper from $44.98
Grace Ward Lithodora $16.98
Palm Cross $9.98
Dwarf Japanese Cedar $94.98
Miniature Moss False Cypress $22.98
Rex Begonia $7.98
Espoma Organic Earthworm Castings $14.98
Speedwell $21.98
Pink Muhly Grass $21.98
Florist Azalea from $9.98
Florist Hydrangea $21.98
Daylily $14.98
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag $12.98
Bonide BurnOut® from $10.98
Arborvitaes from $69.98
Lyme Grass $27.98
Lilac $69.98
Northern Sea Oats Grass $27.98
Bonide Eight Insect Control $9.98
Dwarf Andromeda $29.98
Scotch Broom $29.98
Bonide Insecticidal Soap 12oz from $6.98
BioAdvanced Rose and Flower Care $29.98
Bonide Systemic Insect Control from $7.98
Bonide Horticultural Spray All Seasons Oil from $8.98
Bonide Mite-X® $10.98
Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control $14.99
Jonathan Green Summer Survival $19.99