Barlow’s supplies only the best premium sized bulbs so you get the most out of them. The bigger the bulb, the more likely they will produce bigger blooms.

A bulb is next year’s plant neatly packaged and surrounded by scale leaves, immature leaves, flower stems, and sometimes even flower buds. It’s neatly wrapped in a papery brown tunic.

Bulbs are the first sign that Spring has arrived, bringing your garden a burst of color, even though snow may still be on the ground! Fall (specifically end of September/October) is the perfect time to plant them in the ground. The soil temperatures have cooled down and there is more dependable rainfall.

It’s very important to plant them in well-drained soil and where they will get full sun when they start growing.  You can place 2” of mulch on top of the soil to protect the roots during the winter months.

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