Fred the Snake Plant


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Meet Fred, the Snake Plant.

He’s super easy to get along with, doesn’t like being the center of attention & believe it or not, he hates snakes. Fred, at times, can come off as an introvert but once you get to know him, he’ll be your most loyal friend.

ps. he’s a neat freak!

Weight & Measures: 6″ Pot (1.28 QT/1.21 L)

Fred comes with proper care instructions so you can be a proud plant parent.

In stock

Product Description

Snake Plant Moonshine (sansevieria moonshine)

Fred the Snake Plant (sansevieria moonshine) is the easiest guy to get along with…as long as you don’t cross him. Although he may come off a bit shy when you first meet him, he warms up quickly and will always be the most loyal friend.

All About Fred

Place of Birth: Deserts of Ethiopia (and now our lush greenhouse)

Origin: A naturalist by the name of Carl Peter Thunberg brought the family over to the States in 1794. He wanted his family to be named after the Italian Prince Raimondo di Sangro, who came from San Severo. Hence, the family name: Sansevieria. The rest of Fred’s family came over to the United States around 2004.

Favorite Place to Hang: Fred usually spends his weekends cleaning the kitchen, napping in the living room, or grabbing a drink at the windowsill, which is the new hot spot for him and his friends. If you can’t find him, he probably is hiding out in his bedroom.

(Real talk: Fred is a low light plant. He’ll do great in rooms that have partially shaded windows by outdoor trees or very small windows that let in a small amount of sunlight. Even tables set in the middle of a room, far from any window, would be a low light situation. Think of it this way: if you can’t easily read a book, then it is probably a low light situation! Although Fred is a low light plant, that doesn’t mean he can live without any sunlight! Be sure where ever you do place him, that there is some sunlight throughout the day. Fred can also handle medium to bright light–he is pretty adaptable. Placing him in front of a north or eastern-facing window will do the trick.

If you are unsure what way your windows face, take your phone and use the compass app! Point it at the area you would like to place Fred. Please note, obstructions like trees or buildings outside, can cause a considerable decrease in the available sunlight.)

Favorite Drink: Beer (generally IPA’s)

Favorite Food: Pizza

Best Friends: Carter the Calathea & Zayne the ZZ Plant (and he gets along pretty well with succulents, too!)

Family Members: Sam the Snake Plant (Fraternal Twin Sister), Taylor the Snake Plant (Older Sister), Mike the Snake Plant (cousin) & Patrick the Snake Plant (cousin)

Care Tip: Make sure Fred has a big bed (maybe even King-sized). He is a fast grower and the men in his family have always been quite tall.

Heads up! Fred does tend to snore a lot at night. But he makes up for it with his LOVE for cleaning everything in sight. You’ll never have to worry about your home being dirty ever again.

Welcome to Our Plant Family

Fred, and all of our other houseplants, would make a great addition to your plant family! Since 1983, we’ve been helping people find the perfect additions to their homes. Whether you are just starting to create your own plant family or your home is already a jungle, these houseplants are a must-have.

Have a question? Email our knowledgable plant people at: 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 in

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