[Saturday, April 25th]
Free Class: Deer-Resistant Perennials

11:00 - 11:30 AM

It’s happened to the best of us: You worked hard all season long on your gorgeous garden, only to wake up to find that our white-tailed neighbors have discovered a buffet in your yard. Leaves are nibbled down to the stems, beautiful buds and blossoms are gobbled up overnight, trampled hoof prints line the soil.

Don’t let it happen to you! Join us in this FREE class to learn all about how to make your garden less appetizing to our hoofed friends. You’ll get the rundown on the best deer-resistant shrubs to plant in your yard, as well as what not to plant!

Note: Class is free, but pre-registration is required. Please add the item to your cart and check out in order to register. You will not be charged for registering.

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