[Wednesday, May 12th]
Free Class: Ecosystem Restoration Starts in Your Backyard!

5:30 - 6:15 PM

Mike Curran is a longtime friend and employee of Barlow's who had a hiatus in working with us to pursue a Ph.D. in ecology! Mike is back to share some expertise in his field in this in-depth Dirty Glove Club exclusive class.

The United Nations has declared 2021-2030 as the "Decade of Ecosystem Restoration." This, in large part, is due to regional and global impacts human development has had on the environment.

While the human footprint on the environment is continually growing, multiple global environmental threats are continuously being recognized. These include things like climate change, food security, biodiversity decline, water quality issues, and more. A growing body of research suggests the way personal landscapes are managed can play a large role in providing ecosystem systems.

This talk will focus on how small changes to landscape practices in your own yard can play a larger role in restoring ecosystem services.  Some examples will include how to reduce the use of pesticides in vegetable gardens and how to promote pollinator diversity with the use of flowering plants and how to promote bird diversity with the use of native plants!


  • This class is free, but there are limited seats and pre-registration is required. Please add the item to your cart and check out in order to register. You will not be charged for registering.
  • Due to the fact that social distancing may be difficult during this class, face coverings or masks will be required during this class.