Barlow's Best Peppers

With their incredible diversity and multitude of uses, Peppers are a great, easy to grow crop for outdoor vegetable gardens! Plant in a full sun location and keep well-watered. Feed every week with an all natural fertilizer, such as Espoma Garden-tone® for best results!

SPECIAL NOTE: Some of the varieties below are available now.  All of the varieties will be available by April 22nd. We recommend that you DO NOT plant any variety outside until after May 6th.   You can purchase now and leave them in a sunny window in your home.  

Available Varieties:

  • Better Belle (Bell Boy): The crisp, sweet flesh and thick walls of this variety of bell pepper make it a great choice for both cooking and eating raw. Pepper starts out green and matures into red. Very easy to grow in containers and produces a large yield.
  • Big Chili: Moderate heat, chilies grow up to 6 inches in length making them perfect for salsa, frying, and drying. 
  • Cayenne Long Slim: Long, slender spicy peppers that are good for both drying and eating fresh. With their high yield, this variety can be grown in both containers and in the garden. 
  • Chocolate Beauty: A large bell shaped pepper with thick walls and an incredibly sweet flavor when ripened. Fruit starts green then matures to a deep chocolate brown.
  • Habanero: Pungent spicy chilies with a high yield great for salsas and cooking. Habaneros can be used both fresh or dried.
  • Golden Summer : Heavy yields of bright yellow bell peppers have a deliciously sweet flavor. Excellent in cooking, stuffing, or grilling.