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Barlow's Best Peppers

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With their incredible diversity and multitude of uses, Peppers are a great, easy to grow crop for outdoor vegetable gardens! Plant in a full sun location and keep well-watered. Feed every week with an all natural fertilizer, such as Espoma Garden-tone®

Available Varieties:

  • Better Belle (Bell Boy): The crisp, sweet flesh and thick walls of this variety of bell pepper make it a great choice for both cooking and eating raw. Pepper starts out green and matures into red. Very easy to grow in containers and produces a large yield.
  • Big Chili: Moderate heat, chilies grow up to 6 inches in length making them perfect for salsa, frying, and drying. 
  • Cayenne Long Slim: Long, slender spicy peppers that are good for both drying and eating fresh. With their high yield, this variety can be grown in both containers and in the garden. 
  • Chocolate Beauty: A large bell shaped pepper with thick walls and an incredibly sweet flavor when ripened. Fruit starts green then matures to a deep chocolate brown.
  • Habanero: Pungent spicy chilies with a high yield great for salsas and cooking. Habaneros can be used both fresh or dried.
  • Golden Summer : Heavy yields of bright yellow bell peppers have a deliciously sweet flavor. Excellent in cooking, stuffing, or grilling. 

These are tender vegetables and will not survive outdoors overnight in freezing temperatures: be sure to plant outdoors once the fear of frost is over.