Espoma Iron-tone®

Espoma Iron-tone®

Espoma Iron-tone®

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Turns Yellow to Green

Size: 4 lb bag

Espoma Organic Iron-tone is a premium fertilizer formulated to correct chlorosis and turn yellow foliage to a deep, dark green color. This fertilizer is all natural and fast-acting, to get your plants as beautiful as you can, as quickly as you can! Iron-tone does not stain concrete, and can be used for plant or lawn applications.

Iron supplement for a naturally green lawn and garden

  • Turns yellow to green naturally.
  • Fast acting, non-staining.
  • This product does not contain Bio-tone.

Espoma Iron-tone® is an all natural, fast-acting supplement that provides plants with 5% iron and 13% sulfur. When you use this product, you will make your garden and lawn as beautiful and healthy as possible, as quickly as possible!

The Iron-tone fertilizer corrects the chlorosis of plants. Chlorsis is a condition among plants that leaves them without the necessary chlorophyll. Iron-tone® turns the plants from an unhealthy yellow or pale white, to a deep, lush, and beautiful green. Chlorosis kills plants and lawns if not treated.

You can use the iron supplement on plants, gardens, vegetables, shrubs, trees, and lawns. While other fertilizers stain, Espoma Iron-tone® is safe to used on and around walkways and patios. Therefore, you can use it in any area of the lawn or Garden.

When using this fertilizer on…

Vegetables and fruits, you will apply 3 cups per square foot. You can also measure a 1/2 teaspoon per plant.

Trees and shrubs, you will apply 1 to 2 cups around the perimeter of the plant.

Lawns, you will apply 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

You  can use the iron supplement in the Early Spring, or when you see yellowing of plants.

After application you must make sure to water thoroughly.

Check out Espoma’s Info Here: Iron-tone Info