Ladybugs & Praying Mantis

Organic gardening made easy! These beneficial insects provide immediate benefits by working to eliminate pests on the plants in your garden, on your farm, or in your greenhouse. 

Ladybugs: Each lady bug can devour up to 50 pests per day. Their favorite food is aphids but they also eat thrips, spider mites, scale, whitefly, mealy bugs, leafhoppers and more! 

  • Water your garden before releasing the bugs, then release during sundown since ladybugs do not fly at night
  • Each container containers about 500 ladybugs

Praying Mantis: When young Praying Mantis eat aphids, thrips, grubs, mites and other small insects. As they mature Praying Mantis will also eat earwigs, caterpillars, sow bogs, crickets, grasshoppers, and more!

  • Each container comes with one egg case containing 100-200 eggs
  • Egg case hatches either in the container or tucked in your garden