Harvest Porch Kits

Our locally famous Harvest Porch Kits contain everything you need to decorate your porch or patio for fall!

Each Harvest Porch Kit (a $54 value!) includes:

  • 1 Corn Stalk Bundle
  • 1 Hay Bale
  • 1 Grande (9") Mum
  • 2 Choice (6") Mums
  • 1 Large Pumpkin
  • 2 Pam Pumpkins

Looking to take your Porch Kit to the next level? Add on our (optional) Decor Upgrade Kit for only $40 more! Click here to view our Decor Upgrade Kit.

To make it even easier, we'll set up your Porch Kit for you! For $80 (& up), we'll send our team out to assemble everything for you and take the guesswork out of fall decorating. Click here to order our Harvest Porch Kits with Installation!

Select your mum colors below:
    Choice Mums
    Grande Mum