Novelty Poinsettias

Euphorbia pulcherrima spp.

Grown locally in our greenhouses in Sea Girt, NJ! These unique poinsettias feature stunning colors and patterns that will surely brighten up your home this holiday season! The foliage comes in a variety of colors that look beautiful whether wrapped or placed in a decorative pot. 

  • Light Needs: Bright, indirect light is best
  • Water Needs: Water thoroughly when top inch of soil is dry (the leaves will begin to droop!)
  • Temperature needs: Poinsettias are tropical plants and cannot be kept outside
  • Deco Wrap denotes the decorative paper we put over the grower's pots

Poinsettias are non-lethal! Although they are toxic and we don't recommend ingesting them, it is not fatal if eaten.

Pot Cover (Optional)