Mezoo Trailing Red (Doreanthus)

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis

Mezoo Trailing Red was one of our top-sellers in 2019! It’s a low maintenance plant that is heat tolerant and looks like a succulent with little flowers.

Vigorously trailing, succulent plant with dime-sized, rose-red flowers. Roots well and finishes quickly, tolerates wet or dry soils and high/low pH. Excellent addition to combination basket and planters.

  • Light Needs: Full to Partial Sun
  • Water Needs: Water regularly, more so when it is very hot
  • Bloom Season: Spring through Summer
  • Habit: Trailing, Spreading
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 9-10

Barlow's strongly recommends not planting your tender annuals until nighttime temperatures consistently remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposing these plants to temperatures below 55 degrees may lead to frost damage or the death of the plant. If you purchase now we recommend that you leave in a sunny window in your home.