String of Pearls

Curio rowleyanus, syn. Senecio rowleyanus

A unique member of the succulent family, string of pearls have small pea-shaped leaves that cascade over the edge of planters! When in bloom, it has fragrant puffy round flowers that adorn each vine.  


  • Light Needs: Full sun, at least 6 hours of bright light
  • Water Needs: Succulent care - allow soil to dry out significantly before watering from the bottom of the pot. If watering from the top, be sure to avoid soaking the leaves. 
  • Bloom Season: Generally spring/summer
  • Size: Low growing; vines can grow up to 2 feet in length
  • Growth Habit: Trailing, vining
  • Feed once a month during the growing season with an all-purpose houseplant food (May through September).


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