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Episode 35

Q&A Tuesday – How To Naturally Prevent Aphids!

Episode 34

Q&A Tuesday – Early Spring Care!

Episode 33

Q&A Tuesday – Warm Temps in February!

Episode 32

Q&A Tuesday – Tips For Flowering Houseplants

Episode 31

Q&A Tuesday – Caring For Succulents & Cacti!

Episode 30

Q&A Tuesday – Orchids!

Episode 29

Q&A Tuesday – Protect Your Evergreens from Dehydrating! 

Episode 28

Q&A Tuesday – Transplant a Tree in the Fall when it’s Dormant

Episode 27

Q&A Tuesday – Perennial Pruning Tips for the Fall 

Episode 26

Q&A Tuesday – Getting your Roses Ready for the Fall & Winter Season

Episode 25

Q&A Tuesday – Can I Prune My Roses in the Fall?

Episode 24

Q&A Tuesday – What is Going on with my Boxwood?

Episode 23

Q&A Tuesday – How to treat Fireblight!

Episode 22

Q&A Tuesday – What is Cedar Rust?

Episode 21

Q&A Tuesday – Tips for New Growing Season, Fall!

Episode 20

Q&A Tuesday – Late Season Care Tips for Azalea Trees, Persian Shield and Irises

Episode 19

Q&A Tuesday – Fig Trees. How to protect and encourage new fruit and growth

Episode 18

Q&A Tuesday – Fruit Trees. How to proactively prevent diseases.

Episode 17

Q&A Tuesday – VOLES! Get the secret to minimizing the damage to your plants.

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