Succa For Succulents

Succulent: suc·cu·lent 

  1. Full of juice or sap; juicy.

  2. Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems, a succulent plant such as a cactus or sedum (Botany)

These little guys are the well-known celebrities of houseplants! They are super low maintenance, come in unique colors & shapes and are pretty much indestructible (no green thumb required!).

This year, we started growing our own succulents right here on our farm!

It’s been a lot of fun finding new varieties for you and watching them grow from little baby cuttings to succulents worthy of your windowsills and container gardens.

What are Succulents?

Succulents are desert dwelling plants. They enjoy bright sun and dry living conditions. They survive by storing water in their leaves and stems, which allows them to go longer without rain or watering than all other plants. Not much watering…doesn’t that sound like the perfect plant?

With enough sunshine, all succulents eventually bloom. It’s the sun that helps them store their energy for making these beautiful flowers. The flowers are usually small, and not very showy, however this depends on the variety of the plant.

Succulents come in just about every color of the rainbow, and many different shapes and sizes. Some plant lovers enjoy “collecting” succulents as a hobby!!!

With their plump leaves and striking appearance, succulents make interesting and unusual houseplants. Because they need so little attention, they are an especially good choice for busy gardeners (or new gardeners!).

Follow these easy care tips & you’ll be a succulent expert in no time:

  • Light: needs bright light (south-facing window). If the succulent is producing new growth that is thin or leggy, these are indications that the plant is stretching towards the available light, it means it needs more sunlight. On the other hand, if the leaves look pale and bleached, they may be getting too much light.
  • Watering: these guys don’t like a lot of water since they are desert plants! Although needs vary between different varieties, the appearance of the leaves will give you a clue. If the leaves have indentations or the plant appears droopy, it’s a sign that it’s time to water. To water succulents, soak the soil so that water runs out the drainage hole, and then allow it to dry out COMPLETELY before the next watering. Typically, you’ll be watering your succulents 1-3 times a month. During the winter, they will go into a “sleeping” state and will require less water.
  • Favorite Food: Espoma Succulent Plant Food or Miracle Gro Succulent Food! Succulents don’t need to be fertilized often, only during the plant’s growing season which is spring and summer.
  • Soil: Barlow’s recommends using a Cactus Soil for better drainage. Although you can mix half sand or perlite with half commercial potting soil, buying potting soil formulated especially for cacti and succulents is the easiest way to provide excellent drainage.
  • Re-Potting: we recommend repotting every year. Remove the succulent from its pot, and gently loosen the roots with a thin stick to remove the old potting soil. Put the plant in a slightly larger pot (1-2″ bigger), and add fresh potting soil.

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