Our History

Barlow’s is a historic family homestead and horticultural business that was purchased in 1983 by Stephen and Leslie Barlow.

The original Barlow Flower Farm, consisted of a farmhouse built in 1807, one retail greenhouse, ten small growing greenhouses, a retail shop used for produce sales, and a garage for production. The current shop has expanded to 1,200 sq. ft. and has a gift & home decor department, silk plant & flower design center, containers section and seasonal decorations section.

During the fall of 2004, “Barlow Flower Farm” underwent a renovation and became “Barlow’s”. The two original retail greenhouses were removed and replaced by a 10,000 sq. ft. European glass greenhouse, more growing greenhouses were built, and the outdoor growing area to was expanded to 1.5 acres!

Barlow’s is committed to providing customers with the finest quality products and superior customer service from a knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Specializing in propagating seeds and cuttings, Barlow’s produces up to 70% of its plants that are sold and used by the company throughout the year and continues to be one of New Jersey’s largest retail annual growers. Stephen and Leslie continue their involvement in the business, and have been joined by Stephen Barlow III, their son, who is the President of Operations and general manager.

Since 1983, Barlow’s garden center has been serving New Jersey residents and visitors with its garden center, signature container designs, landscaping services, and on-site workshops and classes for children and adults. They are committed to providing customers with the finest quality products and superior customer service from a knowledgeable and well-trained staff. 70% of Barlow’s plants are locally grown right on the farm so you can be assured of their quality. Barlow’s is grateful to have been voted a favorite garden center by their customers. They take this to heart and continually strive to offer friendly, expert service.

Leslie and Steve Barlow


Leslie and Steve are the founders of Barlow’s and have owned the garden center since 1983. Steve has an extensive background in the world of flowers and plants, stemming from his early beginnings maintaining grounds in Spring Lake to becoming the head groundskeeper at the Brown estate in Newport, RI.

Both Leslie and Steve have had the unique opportunity to come back to where they were raised to work at, and eventually purchase Swain’s farm. Steve brought to Barlow’s the ability to grow exceptionally beautiful plants while Leslie came up with unique ways to market and display the products, as well as create signature designs that have set Barlow’s apart.

Together, Steve and Leslie built their family business up from humble beginnings, while raising four children. They continue to work in the business and are actively involved in charitable functions  throughout the community.

Steven Barlow


Stephen Barlow is the second generation owner of Barlow’s. He graduated with honors from Michigan State University (he even bleeds green) with a BS in Horticulture and earned his MBA from Monmouth University.

He was named by Greenhouse Grower, as the “One to Watch”, expected to shape the industry for the better over the next 25 years, and was named in the prestigious list of “Top 40 Growers under 40”, published by Greenhouse Product News.

Stephen travels the State inspiring different gardening clubs and interest groups about growing and caring for plants. Stephen donates his personal time to local schools, to raise the awareness in young children, about the importance of gardening, through interactive behind-the-scenes tours, garden talks, and hands on workshops.

Thomas Barlow

Head Grower

Thomas spent 10 years traveling as Jimney Cricket with Disney On Ice.  During his 600th performance Thomas broke his leg performing a Tripple Sow Cow, ending that career.  He found comfort in caring for plants and tending to their every need, making him a perfect fit as Barlow’s head grower.  You can find Thomas still skating locally on weekends at the Brick Ice Skating Rink. 

Debbie Shinn


“I handle the day-to-day financial tasks of the business. My favorite part about working at Barlow’s is definitely my co-workers. Barlow’s has a diverse and interesting mix of employees. For many this is a second career and it is fascinating to hear about what they did in their former lives, but on the other end we have many young employees who are just discovering what they want to do in the future. I have many favorite flowers, but when ranunculus start blooming I know spring is close!”

Heather Machado

Nursery Perennial Manager

“I oversee setup and maintenance of Barlow grown material as well as ordering nursery stock for all 4 seasons. I assist customers with choosing the best plants and proper amendments for their homes! My favorite part about Barlow’s is the staff—we have a great group of hard workers that makes it fun and enjoyable for the customers as well! Echinacea would have to be my favorite flower.  I love all the bright colors they come in and the birds the cones attract throughout the season.”

Barb Holly

Design Manager

“I oversee the design department, which includes the potting bench, silk and fresh floral arrangements, and the overall layout of the store. My favorite part about working at Barlow’s is the ability to express my creativity freely through various design pieces. I love who I work with, they inspire and push me to do my best work. I am also able to interact with our customers all day, which is a great perk. My favorite flower is definitely a rose. My husband has given me a rose each year we’ve been married, so to me it symbolizes love and commitment!”

Cass Daugherty


“I manage all aspects of Barlow’s marketing including our website, online orders, social media, events, and more! My favorite part about working at Barlow’s is collaborating with my coworkers in many different ways to bring our love of plants to the community. Our team works so hard day in and day out to bring you the beautiful Barlow’s plants you know and love, and I feel so lucky to work with other plant enthusiasts like myself. My favorite flower is definitely the columbine – it reminds me of backpacking through the Rocky Mountains!”

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