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What Are Annuals?

Usually grown for attractive flowers & foliage, annuals are grown for one season and die with the onset of freezing weather. Gardening with annuals is a great way to play around with colors & textures when planted both in-ground and in containers! Because of their lifespan, it’s a great way to experiment without a long-term commitment.

Types of Annuals


These plants love the cooler temperatures of early spring & fall! Some can even survive freezing temps. Plant them in early spring for a pop of color after a long winter, or plant them in the fall to transition your garden displays to colder weather. Stephen’s Favorites: primroses, pansies, ranunculus


You’ll see these arrive with the hot summer weather. These plants are used to tropical climates and don’t do well in cooler temps, so we always recommend planting warm-season annuals once nighttime temps are consistently in the mid 50s. Stephen’s Favorites: angelonia & lantana


These variable plants sit right in the middle of both cool- and warm-season annuals. They can tolerate cooler nights, but not freezing nights. Some can take warmer temperatures than others, so it’s important to pay attention to the care of each individual plant in your garden! Stephen's Favorites: alyssum, stock, nemesia

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