Finding People Their Perfect Plant Friends Since 1983.

Whether you are just starting to create your own plant family or your home is already a jungle, these houseplants are a must-have. Each plant has their own story, from their hometown to their own personalities and preferences.  Some are easy-going while others can be drama queens. Click through below to find the perfect plant friend for you!
All the plants below are available for both no-contact curbside pickup and local delivery. Click here to read more about how our online ordering system works!
Dieffenbachia $20.00
Sansevieria (Snake Plant) from $13.00
Spider Plant $8.00
Monstera deliciosa from $30.00
Hoya from $8.98
Bella Palm from $9.00
Fern from $10.00
Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) from $9.98
Assorted Miniature Succulents from $4.00
Jasmine from $16.98
Peperomia $10.00
Rex Begonia $7.98
Begonia Maculata from $24.98
Streptocarpella from $13.98
Philodendron Hope Selloum $40.00
Monstera Adansonii $30.00
ZZ Plant from $20.00
Fiddle Leaf Figs & Ficus from $10.00
Calathea from $17.00
Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) $25.00
King Sago Palm $19.98