Homegrown 2 Gallon Perennials

Note: this is just a full list of plants we grow here at Barlow's and is not an accurate, up-to-date list on what is currently in stock. For in-store availability, give us a call at (732) 449-9189!

Crop Variety
Achillea Vintage Rose
Achillea Vintage White
Achillea Seduction Strawberry
Achillea Seduction Sunny
Agastache Blue Fortune
Agastache Little Adler
Agastache Rosie Posie
Alcea Summer Carnival
Alcea Spotlight Blacknight
Alcea Zebrina
Allium Millenium
Clematis Autumn
Coreopsis Early Sunrise
Coreopsis Sizzle and Spice Hot   Paprika
Coreopsis Uptick Gold and   Bronze
Coreopsis Moonbeam
Coreopsis Zagreb
Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise
Delphinium Belladonna
Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark   White and Blue
Delphinium Magic Fountain Pure   White
Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky   Blue and White
Delphinium Pacific Giants Round   Table Mix
Digitalis Dalmation Mix
Digitalis Dalmation Peach
Digitalis Foxy
Digitalis Strawberry
Echinacea Green Twister
Echinacea Magnus
Echinacea Pow Wow White
Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry
Echinacea Green Twister
Echinacea Artisan Mellow Yellow
Echinacea White Swan
Echinacea Ruby Star
Eupatorium Baby Joe
Geranium Rozanne
GR Muhlnberg Pink Muhly
GR Pennisetum Hameln
GR   Pennisetum Little Bunny
GR   Pennisetum Piglet
GR Pennisetum Karley Rose
Hemerocallis Double Pardon Me
Hemerocallis Mighty Chestnut
Hemerocallis Red Hot Returns
Hemerocallis Rosy Returns
Hemerocallis Stella De Oro
Hemerocallis Stephanie Returns
Hosta Barbara Ann
Hosta Dream Weaver
Hosta Great Expectations
Hosta Victory
Hosta Wide Brim
Lavender Munstead
Lavender Super Blue
Lavender Hidcote Blue
Lavender Phenomenal
Lavender Super Blue
Leacnathemum Becky
Leacnathemum Snowcap
Leacnathemum Whoops a Daisy
Ligularia Midnight Lady
Lobelia Queen Victoria
Lonicera Mandarin
Monarda Jacob Cline
Nepeta Walkers Low
Nepeta Junior Walker
Penstemon Dark Towers
Penstemon Huskers Red
Penstemon Prairie Dusk
Penstemon Rock Candy Blue
Penstemon Rock Candy Ruby
Pervoskia Blue Jean Baby
Pervoskia Crazy Blue
Pervoskia Russian Sage
Pervoskia Little Spire
Phlox   pan. Garden Girl Cover   Girl
Phlox   pan. Garden Girl Glamour   Girl
Phlox   pan. Garden Girl Party   Girl
Phlox   pan. Garden Girl Uptown   Girl
Phlox   pan. David
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Salvia Caradonna
Salvia May Night
Sedum Autumn Charm
Sedum Autumn Fire
Sedum Vera Jameson
Stachys Fuzzy Wuzzy
Verbena Homestead Purple
Veroncia Moody Blues Dark Blue