Barlow's Makers markets

Vendor Standards

Check out the general vendor guidelines for our Winter Makers Market here.
Vendor Guidelines
Code of Conduct
Check out Barlow's Vendor Code of Conduct here.
Vendor Code of Conduct

Barlow's Makers Markets are juried events. This means that all vendors must be voted on and approved by our creative team. Our creative team is looking to showcase unique products that are handcrafted locally by members of our community.

Vendors that abide by our standards have the best chance of being selected for an event.


  • No Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or direct selling businesses.
  • The focus of this market is to highlight handmade crafts and fine artisan goods. A very limited number of vintage, repurposing, upcycling, closed-loop process vendors will be accepted.
  • Objects made from commercial kits or commercially available plans will not be accepted.
  • All goods sold must be 100% handmade by you and/or your staff members. Locally-sourced, small-run production will be accepted for select products.
  • Our Makers Markets are generally held inside our greenhouse among our plant displays. To keep the market feeling like a greenhouse, products should be merchandised in a minimal and unique way.
  • During the application process, vendors must upload 4 high-quality images that are a representation of the works that will be sold at the market. These images must be dated within one year of submission. Goods sold at the market must match the quality of the images submitted during the application process.
  • Vendors are to abide by all rules & regulations set forth ahead of each market. Vendors that do not abide by our rules & regulations may forfeit eligibility for future markets.

Applications are juried based on the following factors:

  1. Uniqueness of product: Vendors are carefully curated by category of product to avoid overlapping of items sold. For standards in each category, see below.
  2. Locally-sourced materials: Preference will be given to vendors who source materials with an origin within 75 miles of Sea Girt, NJ.
  3. Merchandising displays: Cleanliness and aesthetic of merchandising displays will play a large factor in jury decisions.
  4. Ease of customer access: If our customers enjoy your product, they should easily be able to source a restock from you. This can be via online ordering, a storefront, or via other markets.


Our vendors generally fall into one or more of the following categories. Here are our standards for each:

Arts & Handmade Artisans

  • All work sold must be of original design and created by the individual or staff of the vendor company.
  • The use of artificial dyes and fragrances are discouraged in candles, apothecary goods, bath & body products, etc.
  • We do not accept vendors that sell items created from kits or pre-made designs.

Food Artisans

  • Any honey products must be processed within 75 miles of Sea Girt, NJ.
  • Baked goods and ready-to-eat items must be handmade by the vendor.
  • Priority will be given to vendors who create unique, high-quality and handmade ingredients.
  • Priority will be given to vendors that use homegrown ingredients or locally sourced ingredients.
  • Priority will always be given to makers who do not use artificial ingredients.

Farmers & Agriculture

  • Any fresh produce sold at the market must be grown within a 75 mile radius of Sea Girt, NJ.
  • Any meat, dairy, or or poultry products must be raised and processed within 75 miles of Sea Girt, NJ.
  • All meat, dairy, or poultry products should be grown, raised, and processed by the vendor company. Meat, dairy, or poultry products not grown, raised, and processed by the vendor company will be accepted on a case-by-case basis only.