Homegrown Roses List

Note: this is just a full list of plants we grow here at Barlow's and is not an accurate, up-to-date list on what is currently in stock. For in-store availability, give us a call at (732) 449-9189!

Rose Variety
New Dawn
White Dawn CL
Zephrine Douphrine CL
Brick House
Drift Coral
Drift Red
Chrylser Imperial
First Prize
Gold Struck
Just Joey
Miss All American Beauty
Mister Lincoln
Tahitian Treasure
Knockout Blushing
Knockout Coral
Knockout Dbl Pink
Knockout Dbl Red
Knockout Peachy
Knockout Petite
Knockout Pink
Knockout Rainbow
Knockout Red
Knockout Sunny
Knockout White
Sunblaze Bridal (tree)
Sunblaze Rainbow (tree)
Sunblaze Red (tree)
Sunblaze yellow (tree)
Ice Cap
The Fairy
Golden Opportunity
Burst of Joy
Easy on the Eyes Bud #1
Easy Spirit
Ketchup & Mustard
Livin Easy Bud #1
Queen of Elegance
Silver Lining
Violet's Pride
Sunset Happy Trails
Happy Go Lucky
Just Joey
Love at first Sight
Perfume Factory
Sugar Moon
Life's Little Pleasure
Purple Pavement
Rosa Rugosa
Rosa Rugosa 'Alba'
Therese Bugnet
Topaz Jewel
Belinda's Blush
In Your Eyes
Julia Child II
Take it Easy (15)
Chantilly Cream
Forever Amber
Lady In Red
Pop Art
Queen Elizabeth
Sweet Madame Blue
Anna's Promise
Burgundy Iceberg
Purple Tiger
Frida Kahlo