All About Bulbs

Now is the time to get bulbs in the ground for beautiful big blooms in the Spring!

A bulb is next year’s plant neatly packaged and surrounded by scale leaves, immature leaves, flower stems, and sometimes even flower buds. The whole bulb is neatly wrapped in a papery brown tunic.

Types of Bulbs

  1. Bulbs that require a cold treatment: require 10-15 weeks of temperatures below 40 degrees. Examples: Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths & Crocus.

  2. Bulbs that do not require a cold treatment: do not require a cold treatment and can be planted to match holidays or events. Examples: Amaryllis & Paperwhites.

Planting Bulbs

  • Determine the Planting Depth:
    • 2-3 times as deep as the bulb is tall
    • Depends on types of bulb-check packaging
    • Planting too deep will produce late blooms or none at all
  • Dig the hole and place the bulb with its roots facing down and then cover with soil
    • You can place 2" of mulch on top of the soil to protect the roots during the winter months
  • Water the bulbs with plenty of water!
  • Use markers to indicate where you've planted the bulbs so to prevent planting other flowers in the same place!

Check out Stephen's video to see exactly how to plant your Spring bulbs!

      Variety of Bulbs

      At Barlow’s, we offer premium sized bulbs which yield better results in terms of bigger blooms and more of them!

      • Hyacinths
        • Delft Blue
        • Pink Pearl
        • Grape Hyacinth
      • Tulips
        • Red Emperor
        • Evergreen
        • Don Quichotte
        • Apeldoorn
        • Ollioules
        • Pink Impression
        • Queen of the Night
        • Red Impression
        • Purple Pride
        • Greenland
        • Angelique
        • Daydream
        • Kingsblood
        • Princess Irene
      • Scilla ‘Siberica’ 
      • Crocus
        • Jeanne D’Arc
        • Remembrance
        • Tricolor
        • Large Flowering Mix
      • Daffodils
        • Holland Sensation (Trumpet)
        • Dutch Master
        • Mount Hood
        • Unsurpassable
        • Jetfire
        • Salome
        • Sempre Avanti
        • Trumpet Mix
        • All Sorts Mix
      • Allium
        • Allium Giganteum
      • Iris
        • Dutch Iris Mix
      • Paperwhites

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