Evergreens and everything in between!

All the trees and shrubs you need to make a statement in your garden.

All of the items below are available for no-contact curbside pickup and Barlow's Local Delivery. Click here for more information about our pickup & delivery services.
Rhododendron from $49.98
Forsythia $34.98
Green Velvet Boxwood $19.98
Schip Laurel $99.98
Chokeberry $34.98
Azalea from $16.98
Blue Star Juniper $44.98
Sea of Gold® Juniper from $44.98
Dwarf Japanese Cedar $94.98
Miniature Moss False Cypress $22.98
Arborvitaes from $69.98
Dwarf Andromeda $29.98
Foerster's Feather Reed Grass $27.98
Japanese Plum Yew from $89.98
Climbing Hydrangea $84.98
Red Beauty® Holly $84.98
Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce from $138.98
Popcorn Viburnum $79.98
Shamrock Dwarf Inkberry Holly $39.98
Japanese Holly $39.98
Siberian Cypress $16.98
Northern Bayberry $34.98
Variegated Abelia $39.98