Homegrown 1 Gallon Perennials

Note: this is just a full list of plants we grow here at Barlow's and is not an accurate, up-to-date list on what is currently in stock. For in-store availability, give us a call at (732) 449-9189!

Crop Variety
Allium Serendipity
Anemone Fall In Love
Aruncus Chantilly Lace
Baptisia Decadence Blue Bubbly
Baptisia Decadence Blueberry   Sundae
Baptisia Decadence Cherries   Jubilee
Baptisia Decadence Lemon   Meringue
Baptisia Decadence Pink   Lemonade
Bergenia Miss Piggy
Brunnera Jack Of Diamonds
Brunnera Queen Of Hearts
Clematis Stand By Me
Clematis Stand By Me Lavender
Dianthus Fruit Punch   Maraschino
Dianthus Fruit Punch Spiked
Dianthus Paint the Town Fancy
Dianthus Paint the Town   Fuchsia
Dianthus Fruit Punch Black   Cherry Frost
Dianthus Paint The Town Red
Echinacea Color Coded Orange   You Awesome
Echinacea Color Coded The Price   is White
Echinacea Color Coded Yellow My   Darling
Eryngium Glitter Blue
GR Panicum Apache Rose
Gypsophila Festival Star
Heliopsis Tuscan Gold
Hemerocallis Going Bananas
Hemerocallis Nosferatu
Hemerocallis Orange Smoothie
Hemerocallis King of the Ages
Hemerocallis Going Bananas
Heuchera Dolce Apple Twist
Heuchera Dolce Cherry Truffles
Heuchera Dolce Silver Gumdrop
Heuchera Dolce Toffee Tart
Heuchera Primo Black Pearl
Heuchera Primo Mahogany   Monster
Heuchera Primo Pretty   Pistachio
Heuchera Primo Wild Rose
Heucherella Fun & Games Red   Rover
Hibiscus Summerific Ballet   Slippers
Hibiscus Summerific Berry   Awesome
Hibiscus Summerific Candy   Crush
Hibiscus Summerific Cherry   Choco Latte
Hibiscus Summerific Cranberry   Crush
Hibiscus Summerific Holy Grail
Hibiscus Summerific   Spinderella
Hosta Coast to Coast
Hosta Diamond Lake
Hosta Empress Wu
Hosta Shadowland Wu-La-La
Kniphofia Pyromania Flashpoint
Kniphofia Pyromania Orange   Blaze
Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft
Kniphofia Pyromania Rocket's   Red Glare
Lavandula Sweet Romance
Leucanthemum Daisy May
Leucanthemum Banana Cream
Ligularia Bottle Rocket
Monarda Parond My Lavener
Monarda Pardon My Pink
Monarda Pardon My Purple
Monarda Leading Lady   Razzberry
Nepeta Cat's Pajamas
Nepeta Cat's Meow
Origanum Drops Of Jupiter
Penstemon Midnight Masquarade
Perovskia Denim N' Lace
Phlox Cloudburst
Phlox Opening Act Blush
Phlox Opening Act   Pink-A-Dot
Phlox Opening Act Ultrapink
Phlox Opening Act White
Phlox Spring Bling Pink   Sparkles
Phlox Spring Bling Ruby   Riot
Phlox Sprite Purple
Salvia Back to the Fuschia
Salvia Pink Profusion
Salvia Violet Riot
Salvia White Profusion
Sedum Rock n Grow Back in   Black
Sedum Rock n Grow Lemonade
Strawberry Berried Treasure Pink
Tiarella Cutting Edge
Veronica Magic Show Pink   Potion
Veronica Veronica Purple   Illusion