Espoma Organic Flower-tone®

Espoma Organic Flower-tone®

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Espoma Organic Flower-tone®

Bloom Booster

Size: 4 lb bag

Flower-tone is a fertilizer that is proven to maintain good plant growth and promote blooms instead of unwanted heavy foliage. Flower-tone’s natural organics breakdown overtime providing a safe, long lasting nutrient reservoir that feeds your plants all through the season. Flower-tone’s all natural formula contains Bio-tone®, Espoma’s proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural fertilizer to allow superior plant growth.

All natural fertilizer fortified with Bio-tone® microbes

  • Complex blend of 100% natural & organic ingredients to provide complete & balanced feeding.
  • Enhanced with Bio-tone® beneficial microbes.
  • Long-lasting, slow release. Won’t burn or leach away.
  • Specially formulated to promote & prolong abundant blooms.

Espoma Flower-tone® is a premium floral fertilizer that was formulated especially to ensure bigger, more beautiful blooms. Instead of getting an unwanted heavier foliage, the low nitrogen, high phosphorus, and high potassium allows for more flowers. Being that the fertilizer breaks down gradually, you will supply your flowers with a safe and long lasting supply of nutrients all throughout the season. Mixed with Biotone®, microbes are present in this all natural fertilizer and are proven to ensure health and growth in plants.

When Preparing New Flowers: You will mix in 4 pounds of fertilizer into the top few layers (4 or 5 inches) of soil for every 80 square feet. You will need to feed your flowers with Espoma Flower-tone® once plants are well-established to ensure that they get the nutrients they need.

When Planting…

Seeds: You can dig recommended depth and place seeds in hole. You will fill the hole with your freshly prepared soil (above). If you did not yet prepare soil, cover the seeds with regular soil, and sprinkle two tablespoons of fertilizer over the seeds.

Flowers in Containers: Take the flowers out of their containers with care (be gentle!). Then, you will need to loosen the roots and prepare them to be planted into the ground. When you spread the roots into the hole you dug (no bigger than the root ball itself), refill the hole with prepared soil. You should pat dirt gently to ensure it is set in place. If the soil is not prepared, add 2 tablespoons into the soil your plant came with and mix.

Individual Established Flowers: Sprinkle 1/4 cup of fertilizer around plant.

Established Flower Beds: Sprinkle 4 pounds for every 80 square feet of soil.

Water thoroughly after feeding.

Check out Espoma’s Fact Sheet Here: Flower Tone Food Fact Sheet