Christmas Tree Care

First (and Most Importantly):

Give your tree a  fresh cut (preferably right before you set it in the stand). Barlow’s will give your tree a fresh cut before you leave, but if you can’t get your tree in water within the hour, we suggest giving it another fresh cut at home for best results. Giving the tree a fresh cut is critical because it allows your tree to soak up water more efficiently, which prolongs its life. If it sits too long (hours or days) the sap will seal the cut end & this will impede its ability to drink enough water.


Water, water, water.  Lots of water! Make sure to always keep a lot of fresh, clean water in the tree stand reservoir. You might like to add one of the products on the market, for example: “Plantabbs ProLong” for trees efficiently keeps your Christmas tree fresher, greener, and safer because it helps the tree to absorb more water. Using this Christmas tree preservative will aid in sustaining the life of your tree. These may be added directly to the water in the stand reservoir. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

The average Christmas tree will drink up to  a gallon of water a day, especially in the first few days, so check it frequently – especially if you have pets that will likely help themselves to the new water bowl they just found.  DO NOT allow the water supply to run dry because the sap will seal up the cut end again, and you’ll be right back to square one. If you follow these simple steps you’ll enjoy the fresh, fragrant ambience of your Christmas tree all through the holiday season and into the New Year!

To learn more tips on caring for your fresh cut Christmas Tree, watch our video:

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