New Year, New Leaf!

Start the New Year Off Right!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? How about switching it up this year and trying something new! We recommend focusing on living with cleaner, healthier air in your home, and reaping the benefits of houseplants!

You may be thinking “What? Houseplants are more than just trendy décor?” The answer is: YES! Houseplants do so much to make the air around you not only cleaner but help with mental and physical health as well! Read on to see why we’re recommending -literally- turning over a new leaf!

Clean Air

Did you know that we’re the biggest culprits when it comes to creating toxins in our own homes? NASA did a Clean Air Study that showed how effective plants were at removing common toxins from the air! During the winter months, it’s especially easy for us to seal in these day-to-day toxins, like carbon dioxide (either released naturally through our breathing or created from those chic candles that we love so much), dust, fumes, bacteria, mold and so much more.

While we may not want to give up these luxuries (candles and breathing that is), we can do our part in cleaning up our air messes by getting some houseplants and letting them do their thing! Houseplants create oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, which in turn means the plants actually convert the toxins from pesky pollutants to nutrients that they eat and prosper from! Okay, that’s enough Science for today!

Reduce Stress and Increase Positivity

Studies from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology have shown that having indoor plants can actually improve your productivity a whopping 15%, along with improving concentration and mood! (Can you say ‘Office Plants?’) This study also goes on to say that “active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work.” Simply put, your plants calm you down.

(photo courtesy of: HortiDaily)

Keep You Healthy During Winter Months

Plants obtain water through their roots, which then evaporates through transpiration. When a plant is kept indoors, this process increases the humidity in your house. We know what you’re thinking: Humidity is bad! We hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong.

Studies show that indoor humidity is great during the colder, drier months because it helps with dry skin, fatigue, illnesses, dry coughs, sore throats and so much more!

“I Need Houseplants!”

You’re right! You do! Houseplants are amazingly versatile and have so many benefits! But what kind of houseplants are right for you and your clean air resolution, you ask? Let us show you our top 5 clean air houseplants!

  1. Snake Plant: Snake Plants are one of the most tolerant plants out there, which means they are great for beginners! Indirect sunlight and infrequent watering is all these guys need! Check out some our snake plants here.
  2. Peace Lily: Pace Lilies bear beautiful, lush green leaves with white blooms (or white flags=flag of peace=peace lily. Makes sense, right?) These southern beauties bloom consistently in bright, indirect sunlight. Water them every few days, and your new houseplant will stay happy and healthy! Take a look at our favorite Peace Lily here.
  3. Chinese Evergreen: These leafy, green guys are another great starter plant for beginners. This tropical houseplant can handle poor light, drought, and dry air, but what they really love is medium to low light with well-draining soil (Try ½ potting soil, ½ perlite!) View our lovely Chinese Evergreens in store!
  4. Aloe: Also great for soothing burns and scrapes, Aloe is a great houseplant to have around! These medicinal plants like bright, indirect light, and are most comfortable in temperatures from 55 to 80° Water them about every 3 weeks (and even less in the winter) and reap their clean air benefits! Take a gander at our Aloe beauties here.
  5. Pothos: Also known as Devil’s Ivy, Pothos are awesome in their wide range of environments. They can handle whatever you throw their way, from giving them indirect light to low light, or planting them in nutrient rich soil, nutrient poor soil, or even water! The only thing this plant asks of you is that you don’t let it live in direct sunlight. Fun Fact: Pothos are easily propagated (or grown for all you first timers out there) by simply cutting off a section of 3-4” section of stem that a leaf is connected to! Pop it in some dirt, and you’ll have a new Pothos growing in no time! Get yours here.

New Year, New…Plants?

Yes, exactly! We have given you a solid foundation for which houseplants are great for clean air, and we expect that you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time. But don’t stop there! To check out our entire selection of houseplants, click here.

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