Seasonal Bloomers: Spring

One of the first signs of warm weather after what may seem like an eternity of chilly, bleak weather are Spring-blooming flowers. These annuals and perennials poke through the cold ground, and weather the cool ambient air temperatures, producing vibrant blooms. We are especially lucky here in New Jersey to be able to enjoy this small window of time and its vibrant show! Some of these Spring blooming plants will hold flowers throughout the Spring and into the Summer. Others have short-lived splendor, these are referred to as ‘ephemeral’. Here are a handful of Spring bloomers that you may want to add to your garden!


Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is an early spring bloomer, and its spectacle lasts until about mid summer. It will die back after it’s done blooming, but worry not! This perennial will start growing again in the late Spring or early Winter of the following year. Keep in a shady area and watch as your Bleeding Heart returns in the Spring year after year!


Hellebore are a family of outrageously Winter hardy flowers. Also known as the misnomers “Christmas Rose” and “Lenten Rose”, these plants are more closely related to Ranunculus than Roses! Various types of Hellebore sport white, green, purple, red or black blooms that emerge in late Winter. A few varieties bloom earlier than others. They are shade tolerant and deer resistant! Plant these in your garden and watch as the blooms brighten up Wintertime!


Phlox come in a few varieties with different bloom seasons. Ground cover phlox is low-growing, and blooms in early Spring. It has a mounding habit, and mounds grow to about 4-6 inches thick. When it blooms, the entire plant is covered in tiny, star-shaped flowers with shockingly vibrant colors. This is perfect as filler for any space that seems lacking in your garden or yard. Lighting requirements are different for the different species, but generally Phlox needs evenly moist, rich, well-draining soil.


Ranunculus are a fan favorite at Barlow’s. With bright green foliage at their base, long tubers rise up and produce the most beautiful double-ruffled petals in an assortment of colors that deserve their own Crayola line. While technically perennials, here in New Jersey our climate is too cold to sustain them for over wintering, so they are sold as annuals. Plant these in full sun and watch as huge blooms fill your garden from early Spring until the heat hits in early Summer!


Hailing from the Lily family, Hyacinth are a force to be reckoned with. Boasting one of the loveliest floral scents, these small plants also have a shocking color portfolio to choose from. They grow upward, with angular spikes bearing their display of flowers, and vibrant green foliage surrounding. These are also *technically* perennials, but with each year that passes, their flowers become less thrilling. They start blooming in the early Spring, and last usually until mid Summer.


Pansies are yet another perennial that in our USDA Zone can only really be grown as an annual. A hallmark of Springtime, pansies can either be planted in the Spring or Fall. They prefer cool weather, and can become too ‘leggy’ in hotter temperatures. With their heart-shaped petals in a wide variety of colors and ‘faces’, they are a staple in gardens for their nearly year-round color.


Of course there are virtually limitless options when it comes to Spring blooming flowers; you have things like Tulips, Daffodils, Muscari, and Violas just to name a few. Use our online shop to explore some prospective additions to your garden!

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