Gardening Supplies

Everything you need to get digging in the dirt.

Find gloves, pruners, pots, planters, and more! All the basics for beginner and expert gardeners alike.

All of the items below are available for no-contact curbside pickup and Barlow's Local Delivery. Click here for more information about our pickup & delivery services.


Little Pals Junior Garden Kit $29.99
DeWit Garden Tool Gift Set $129.98
DeWit Disc Weeder $28.99
DeWit Weedpopper $27.99
DeWit Patio Knife $28.99
DeWit Right Hand Cape Cod $39.99
DeWit Dandelion Weeder $27.99
DeWit 5-Tine Cultivator $31.98
DeWit Well Done Hand Fork $38.98
DeWit Rock-N-Root Trowel $27.99
DeWit Well Done Planting Trowel $38.99
DeWit Corkscrew Weeder $39.98
DeWit Perennial Planter $38.99
DeWit Half Moon Pull Hoe $85.99
Trowel $6.98
Chapin® Home & Garden Sprayer $21.98
Shepherd's Hooks from $19.99
DeWit Landscape Weed-Barrier $12.98
Harvest Guard® Plant Protection Bag from $10.98
Hardwood Plant Stakes from $5.99
Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse $10.98
Hand Tools Rake $9.98
Soaker Hose from $25.99
Soaker Ring $10.99
Forge Wall Trough with Coco Liner from $49.98
Standard Terracotta Pots from $0.69
Coco Liners from $8.98
Kid's Gardening Gloves $4.98
Bamboo Gardener Gloves $8.98
Corona Bypass Pruners $37.98
BioAdvanced Disease Control 32oz $22.98
Bioadvanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed from $29.98
Bonide Eight Insect Control $9.98
Bonide Fung-onil® 32oz $8.98
Bonide Fung-onil® Concentrate from $14.98
Bonide Horticultural Spray All Seasons Oil from $8.98
Bonide Insecticidal Soap from $6.98
Bonide Mite-X® from $8.98