Espoma Organic Rose-tone®

Espoma Organic Rose-tone®

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Espoma Organic Rose-tone®

For All Types of Roses

Rose-tone is a premium rose fertilizer designed to give the necessary nutrients for growing large, beautiful roses. The organic matter in Rose-tone breakdown gradually providing a safe, long lasting reserve that will provide your plants with nutrients throughout the growing season. Rose-tone contains Bio-tone®, Espoma’s blend of beneficial microbes. Bio-tone is shown to enhance the natural fertilizer to bring growth to your roses.

All natural fertilizer with Bio-tone microbes

  • Preferred by professional rosarians.
  • Provides a safe, long-lasting reservoir of nutrients.
  • The safe way to prize winning blooms.

Espoma Rose-tone® is a premium blend of Bio-tone® and rose enhancing fertilizer. Bio-tone® contains microbes proven to enhance the health and growth of plants, resulting in bigger, brighter roses. The organic matter in Espoma’s fertilizer breaks down gradually, which feeds your roses safely all throughout the season.

When Planting…

New Bare Root Plants: The hole you dig should be 12″ across and 18″ deep. Mix 3 cups of Rose-tone® fertilizer and peat moss together. You can then add the mixture into the removed soil. Refill the hole slightly with this new mixture, and create a cone of dirt to place your new plant on. When you place the plant, spread the roots among the cone evenly. Once planted, add 4 to 5 inches of soil on top and pat firmly. You should fill the hole within 2 to 3 inches to the top. Water thoroughly, allow to soak in, then fill the hole completely.

Potted Plants: When you deal with pre-packaged roses, sometimes it is best to keep them in the original container to plant. You should read the label on the rose’s container to determine whether or not to remove the roses to plant. If you decide removing the roses from the container is best, plant according to Bare Root Plants. However, when placing the container into the hole, instead of forming a cone of dirt, allow the container to sit level. Refill hole as you would with Bare Root Plants.

When Dealing With Established Plants…

Individual: Sprinkle 1 and 1/4 cups around each plant and mix only into the top layer (1 inch) of soil.

Rose Beds: You will need 6 pounds for every 100 square feet of bed area and mix into the top layer (1 inch) of soil.

You should keep your roses watered and mulched.

Check out Espoma’s Fact Sheet Here: Rose-tone Rose & Flower Food Fact Sheet